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  • Pat Barrett - PF Perspectives Mar 2015 A mandate to deliver good governmentPublic audit cannot resolve historically low levels of trust in politicians, their parties or even democracy itself. But it can address vital issues of financial performance and value for money
  • Ebola_Shutterstock Learning the lessons of EbolaThe Ebola outbreak in West Africa underlined the importance of preparedness: those countries with plans and systems in place contained the disease relatively successfully. Judith Ugwumadu reports on work underway to ensure the world's poorest nations are better prepared next time.
  • The International Monetary Fund is seeking views on a suggested way of collecting data on government revenues from natural resources. Accelerating Africa's progressA decade of economic expansion has left Africa well placed for the future, says EY's Joe Cosma. But challenges remain to create the jobs and growth that will lift ever greater numbers of Africans out of poverty


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