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  • Wind Farm in South Africa Climate change: green light for growthClimate change is far more than just a long-term trend it's happening today, and its repercussions are all too real, threatening to overwhelm key development progress made over previous decades. EY's Arnaud Bouillé, though, says that green energy investment also represents a key economic opportunity for emerging markets
  • Farming in Africa - Shutterstock Growing from the ground upSupporting small businesses and social entrepreneurs to grow and develop in emerging markets is a mission shared by development professionals around the world. Jon Shepard explains how EY's new Enterprise Growth Services is contributing
  • Woman using sewing machine in factory istock Working toward a better worldToday, far too many people will wake up in extreme poverty, enduring a way of life far removed from their counterparts in developed countries. EY's Rohan Malik takes a look at some of the key challenges and potential solutions that continue to echo across the developing world.
  • Italy's recession: new or same old?
    Italy is reported to have slipped back into recession. But this is based on the criterion of two successive quarters of negative growth. There are other ways of measuring...
  • Sovereign debt: can't pay, must pay?
    In the wake of Argentina's debt default, it's worth asking whether conventional wisdom on the subject is overly simplistic. Is it true that states must always repay their...
  • Who's afraid of Janet Yellen?
    As Fed chairman Janet Yellen faces growing dissent, both right and left are casting her as a radical departure from her predecessors. But she is just another Bernanke who...


New York City

US budgeting: hope over expectation? By William Glasgall 

Both New York City and Nassau County are using opaque financing to justify spending plans. By setting budgets based on assumptions of savings and revenue that may be ephemeral, they are showing a lack of transparency and accountability.

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